Welcome to See abc’s!™ A Complete Reading Program

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The simple way to read any book BEFORE Kindergarten!  How???

• By  reaching all types of learners: Visual (seeing), Auditory (hearing), Tactile (Hands on)
• By conquering the 3 skills needed.

Skill 1  Learn the Alphabet Sounds as taught in ABC’s See What They Say using the combined letter/picture alphabet.  This is obviously very visual.  This is what changes learning alphabet sounds and shapes from frustrating to fun.  This illustration says it all!

abc's, hard and easy

The See abc’s® Alphabet Flash Cards and  ABC’s and 123’s See How to Trace  use these same picture clues.


“ My kindergarten students learned the entire alphabet names and sounds in less than a week.  See abc’s is a teaching program that works!” – Alison Bodily, Kindergarten teacher


Skill 2  Learn to blend sounds together as taught in ABC’s See How to Chop and Blend.

How?  By putting the same clues right on the font! Also by having the students use their finger as they go through the four step process of putting a word together, which also helps them stay on task.

b a t - for blending

The blending book was just the book I was looking for!!! My child was having trouble with “sounding out” a word. He knew all of his letters, but couldn’t “sound out” words. This book taught him to hold onto a sound long enough to catch the next sound, enabling him to form a word. The tactile steps helped to keep him focused. The end result, he was able to start reading without frustration! Thank you.- Jessica Hall


Skill 3 – Getting Rid of Sight Words as taught in Imletteration!®

Learn how to read sight words – NOT memorize them; by using the amazing new concept invented by Doreese B. Severe, called Imletteration®.

A sight word is one in which one or more letters doesn’t make the sound it should. With letter ‘a’, did you realize it can make nine different sounds? It should say the sounds in apple and ape. But then, it can also make all of the other vowel’s sounds! No wonder learning to read English is so hard.

Doreese has made special fonts that will enable children to see the clues for all the different ‘a’ sounds. Here are a few:

a letters font

“This book is really ingenious. It shows the learner that the vowels can take on other vowel sounds, and Doreese has explained this in a way that a five-year old can comprehend. I have just loved to see Kaden get so enthralled with this book. It has opened up a whole new vocabulary for him. I am so impressed with Mrs. Severe’s books. She has developed a wonderful method for teaching children that reading is fun and exciting. Thank you.”
JaeLynne Francis – mother

For more on the greatest thing to ever happen in teaching reading, visit our Imletteration® page here.