Doreese’s Story

Doreese (2)Hello to mothers, fathers, and teachers,

My  name is Doreese Bunnell Severe, and I’m the author of the See abc’s® reading curriculum.  When both parents and educators see my methods for teaching, they’re always astounded and ask, “How did you come up with this?” or “What’s your training that you could write this?”   Or, they just make the comment, “This is so ingenious!”  Or, “This is genious!  I’ve never seen anything like it before.”  And nearly everyone says, “All schools should be using this!”  Well, I do have a college degree, but not in education.

People are surprised that my background comes from being a mother and helping my own five children learn how to read.  I never set out to be an author, but little did I know the springboard that teaching my youngest child how to read was going to be for launching me into writing a full-blown reading system!

Give See abc’s® a try.  You will be shocked at how easily YOU can become a PROFESSIONAL READING TEACHER!

This is a quick overview of how the See abc’s® reading program came to be.  It was a 4-stage process lasting over several years.

Stage 1

It all began back in 1993…

…when my youngest child was in Kindergarten going through the frustrating process of learning which sound belonged to which letter shape. With 26 picture clues and 26 letter shapes, that’s a very difficult task for a young child. My daughter was learning as fast as the rest, but it was still a big job. One day while working with her, I realized that all five of my children learned the letters’ fast and never forgot it. How come, I wondered. It was because with ‘s’ all I had to tell them was, “It looks like a snake an it sounds like snake.” So, whenever they saw an ‘s,’ they saw a snake in their imagination and instantly knew the sound. I tried that same concept with all the letters, and the results were nothing short of miraculous! She learned every letter sound solidly in only TWO DAYS!  And she had a blast doing it! Now, it was a fun game of pretend and imagination.
And that’s not the only benefit she got from it. She got out her paper and pencil and wrote the letters and turned them into the picture clues herself. So, her reading reinforced her writing, and her writing reinforced her reading. Plus, she was becoming an artist! That’s when I knew I had something very powerful in my hands! So, I decided to put my new-found knowledge into book form to share with others in the book ABC’s See What They Say.

Stage 2

Having finished this powerful alphabet book, I felt good in my heart knowing I had done a good thing to help the children of the world. Now I could rest in peace; that was until I began to tutor first graders who struggled with reading. I found they knew the sounds of the letters just fine, but they could not for the life of them blend them together to say a word. Oh no, I thought, Now I have to figure out a book that will help kids learn how to put letters together smoothly into a word, but how?
Soon after this realization, I lay awake stewing about this blending problem. Around midnight, I began to envision in my mind how I could write a visual and tactile book that children could see and feel how to put sounds into a word. By 3:00 am I knew exactly how to write my new blending book. Then I thought, So much for thinking I had finished my debt to humanity. This new book is going to be a ton of work, but it’s going to be awesome! So, after hours and weeks and months of hard work, “ABC’s See How to Chop and Blend” was born! This book is the CORE for learning how to read.

Stage 3

What followed were two books for children to practice their new reading skills, and learn how to use expression while reading; Phrases See What They Say and Stories See What They Say.  After reading the blending book, your children will be able to read everything in these books as there are no sight words in either of them.  That’s right, absolutely ZERO words to memorize before being able to read these books!  I just wanted to have something that children could read easily and work on gaining their confidence and a love for reading before throwing all those sight words at them.  At first glance, these books seem like they would be pretty simple to write.  But, on the contrary, they were very difficult.  Because I wanted children to have something to practice reading without needing to memorize anything, it took a lot of creative thinking for how to word things that would still make sense.  For instance, these are just a few of the words I couldn’t use:  a, the, do, to, ball, cow, toy, and on and on and on.  Watch this video.  Youtube for 5-year old reading from Stories See What They Say

Stage 4

The final hurtle in learning how to read was “sight words.” I had no idea how I could possibly make that any easier than just rote memorization. But then, lightening struck twice (the first time was letter ‘s’ as a snake).  Imletteration is the most amazing thing about this already amazing program.  I feel confident in saying that I believe no other reading program in the world has anything like it.  So, it’s this one easy to read book that sets See abc’s® apart from all other learn to read methods out there.  Click here to learn the story of Imletteration, my solution to sight words.
Today, See abc’s® has grown into a complete reading system, beginning to end, and it is done in less books than any other reading method that I know of on the market today! Only three books are necessary to learn how to read and write everything!  ABC’s and 123’s See How to Write,  ABC’s See How to Chop and Blend,  and Imletteration!

There are alphabet flash cards to supplement the handwriting book.  And the Phrases and Stories books supplement the blending book.