The See abc’s™ handwriting program as taught in

ABC’s and 123’s See How to Trace is

M A G I C A L ! ! !   W h y ? ? ?


Because it teaches 3 skills all at once!         ♦  WRITING                 ♦  READING                   ♦  DRAWING

  • WRITING  – Upper and lower case letters and numbers 0-10
  • READING – Letters have been turned into picture clues for the sound, and numbers have been turned into picture clues for the amount
  • DRAWING – Instead of having to learn a bunch of random lines and circles and what letters they represent, children learn to draw each letter and number shape. They learn quickly how to make an apple, bat and ball, etc. And it’s the beginning of developing their artistic talent!


Children learn how to write with 2 magic tools:

  1. Imagination; which is the most magical tool of all. The entire See abc’s program revolves around imagination.
  2. A “magic finger.” It’s difficult for a young child to use a pencil.  They haven’t developed their fine motor skills enough, so learning to write can be very frustrating.  Using the magic finger, they get the feeling of a pencil by simply tracing the letters and numbers.   Also, they can do this at a very young age, which will help them with learning how to read and learning how to draw!

The See abc’s® handwriting program reinforces it’s reading program.

Pretty awesome, right?!

“ABC’s and 123’s See How to Trace” is a fun and creative way to learn not only the letters and numbers, but also the correct way to write them.  My 4-year old son got his letters and numbers down pat, and he also exercised his imagination and the confidence to “see” what is in this head.   – Heather Housley