“The See abc’s program does teach the phonics skills in a way that is appealing to young children.  It is meaningful to them.  I would recommend to my son, or to anyone, to use the See abc’s program.”  – Dr. Lloyd Eldrege, BYU Prof. in Teacher Education 

“At my first grader’s parent-teacher conference, her teacher said she should be reading 40 words a minute and she is reading 120 words per minute.  And my pre-schooler has completed the first 4 reading books and is just starting the Imletteration! book and she LOVES it!” – Shelly McCammon  (her 1st grader finished the program shortly after entering Kindergarten.) 

“ABC’s and 123’s See How to Trace” is a fun and creative way to learn not only the letters and numbers, but also the correct way to write them.  My 4-year old son got his letters and numbers down pat, and he also exercised his imagination and the confidence to “see” what is in this head.   – Heather Housley